Wichita Falls ISD Board Postpones Setting Tax Rate

Tax rates were on the agenda Monday night at the WFISD board meeting. It was only a discussion, as the board considered a rate of $1.21 per $100 in property value. That's up a penny from the 2010 rate, but board members are now going to discuss anywhere between a half cent, three-quarters of a cent, or a full cent before setting a rate.
When it comes to the district's proposed budget it's still in the works, but appears to be almost done. After cutting to the bone in a worse case scenario, the cuts were not that bad and now their are extra funds in the budget that had been slashed.

WFISD Superintendent Dr. George Kazanas told Newschannel Six, "We met mid to late May going through this knowing that there may be the possibility that we would have some dollars restored to us in the form of state funding. At this time we're looking at approximately over $2-million. The bulk of those deal with employees." 

The board also delayed a decision on a setting a date for a public hearing until their August 9th meeting.

Newschannel Six will continue to stay with the story and let you know as soon as a tax rate and public hearing are set.