Wichita Falls Church Hands Out Food To Families In Need

A local church is doing their part to help those in hungry need.

Several Texomans gathered outside the Fountain Of Living Water Ministries on Seymour Highway today as volunteers handed out around 2,000 pounds of food to families in need.

The difference between the church and other food pantries is that the church doesn't screen recipients, rather relying on the honor system. Pastor Dwain Aria from the Fountain Of Living Water tells Newschannel 6, "We know their situation. We know you may have a lot of debt. We aren't here to judge that, but we are here to help you in spite of what your need is."

They do ask recipients to inform them where they live and how many people are in the household.

The Fountain Of Living Water hands out food every Tuesday at 9 AM, and donates clothes to those who need them. Pastor Dwain says they've been doing this for about a year and a half now. The Wichita Falls Area Food Bank provides the non-perishable goods.

Pastor Dwain also says the facility has made storage space available for people who lost their homes in the area wildfires.