Issues Facing Your Town: Seymour

The town of Seymour has been on the map since the late 1800's.

It's known for being at the Crossroads of North Texas, and city leaders have been taking advantage of that ever since Seymour's birth.

It is a small town with a population just over 2,700 residents, but the city of Seymour is doing some big things!

Mayor Ronnie Reeves says the city is taking on a progressive attitude with a lot to offer.

It's the renovations being done to preserve the city's history that grabbed our attention.

One of those projects is the city's swimming pool.

Not only is it full of cool water but also history.

"The swimming pool, the pool house, and work in the park is all work done by the WPA back in the late 1930's and 1940's." said Mayor Ronald Reeves.

The Work Projects Administration employed millions of people looking for work during the Great Depression, and most of those jobs were public works projects.

City leaders say some of those jobs only paid $1 for an entire days work!

Just this year $200,000 was put back into the pool for restorations.

The pool then reopened to a group of excited kids on Memorial Day.

" I understand that over 300 kids signed in to go swimming that day!" said Mayor Reeves.

Another big project underway is the town auditorium, built in 1924.

Leaders hope to bring it back to the point where the auditorium will be used for a monthly Jamboree and graduations.

This town also knows how to make lemonade out of lemons. The new by pass that diverted around the city was great for drivers, but hurt Seymour's downtown area.

City leaders didn't let that discourage them.

"A lot of people thought it would be the death of us and its really, it's really been an important draw. And we just got to work wit it and find all the advantages to it." said Interim City Manager John Studer.

They are currently working to get an exit to bring passerby's from the highway directly into town.

And Seymour is also gaining national attention.  Two different fossils have been dug up there, that you can find at most large museums.

Seymour City Leaders are also ready for a new business to open up near the highway, and are in talks with a few hotels.

These businesses are not only exciting, but will also add about 20 jobs at just one of those locations.  And the prospects keep coming!

Something city leaders say is key to city's positive future.