Rolling Plains Helping Texoma Through the Heat

One of the things most of us really appreciate when it's this hot is our air conditioner. But even in these temperatures, some are going without.  And that's where a Texoma non-profit is stepping in. A viewer told us on our Facebook page Rolling Plains Management Corporation gave her an air conditioner for free.

Rolling Plains serves nearly a dozen Texas counties. People are lining up everyday asking for help. And Rolling Plains says because of the extreme heat this summer people across our area are reaching out to them for help. Rolling Plains Case Worker Elisa Bustamante says, "The weather being so hot, it's causing energy bills to rise. So many more people are in need of assistance because they can't pay them high energy bills." The high bills from air conditioning are emptying out people's pockets and forcing them to ask for help.

Wichita Falls Resident Julia Pew told us how thankful she was for her air conditioner on our Facebook page. Rolling Plains gave her a free AC yesterday. Pew says, "After about 10 days without air conditioning, I suffered a heat stroke. They (Pew's neighbors and friends) loaned me a little baby 5,000 BTU that cooled this area right here, not really the rest of it. But this baby (the new one provided by Rolling Plains) they brought me yesterday will cool 500 square feet." Lee Anna Johnson is also hoping they can help keep her home cool.  Johnson says, "I brought my son and my daughter in law, the kids down here to get help. We just thank the lord for a place in Wichita Falls."

Rolling Plains helps people with everything from new AC's and refrigerators to help with gas and electric bills. Rolling Plains says its resources are tight. It has never served so many people so early in the year.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.