UPDATE: Police Release New Details On Fairway Bank Robber

Wichita Falls Police are now re-confirming information they first released, but yanked just a few hours after a suspect robbed a Wichita Falls bank. Police say the suspect did, in fact, have a handgun with him, and is closer to 6'0" in height, rather than the 5'9" they last reported.

Officers released surveillance photos from the Fairway Bank Robbery Thursday afternoon. They were taken just minutes before the suspect robbed the Citi Bank off Fairway and Kell Boulevard Thursday Morning. This is the second time a bank in Wichita Falls is robbed this year.

The FBI, Wichita Falls Police Department, and Identification Team are still sifting through evidence to try and track down the suspect. He was last seen leaving Citi Bank's front door. He then ran through the Taco Bell, and ran into a concrete ditch hidden by a fence.
Police say the suspect passed a note to the bank teller and left with an undetermined amount of cash. Officers say the suspect had a handgun with him. Wichita Falls Officer Jeff Hughes says, "We do have policies in place. And we treat every alarm as if it is a valid alarm. And in this case, it was a valid alarm."
Police describe the suspect as a white man, in his 20s standing about 6'0". He was wearing a long sleeve plaid shirt, jeans, and a light colored hat. If you have any information about the suspect, please call crime stoppers (940)-322-9888.
This Citi bank was also robbed in December 2008. Police say a man was armed with a semi-automatic weapon, ordered the employees into a vault, and took off with cash. Police never caught the suspect.
Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.