Extreme Heat Will Not Side Track Construction on Trinity Hills Wind Farm

The Trinity Hills Wind Farm has hit a mile stone. The tower of the very first turbine is standing on the farm's 33 thousand acres project in Young County.

BP project directors say the extreme heat will not side track construction and the wind farm is right on track.

BP is being proactive and the approach they are taking will help construction workers battle Texoma's extreme temperatures.

BP is changing working schedules just to have construction stay on track and to make sure workers do not over heat.

Construction is moving along as planned and Trinity Wind Farm directors say the heat might be a small bump in the road, but it will not affect the project in any way.

Jay Prothro, Director of Wind Power Development, says "The temperatures as you well know have been close to 100 degrees and its just way to hot. We have minimized the amount of work taking place during the day and the other things have been moved to the evening."

On Thursday night a massive roter with blades attached will be lifted and put on the very first tower finishing the first complete wind turbine standing tall and strong.

When fully erected, the massive wind turbine will stretch 120 yards in the air. Its height is going to be about the length of a football field.

BP Wind Energy Directors say even though Texoma is in a drought the dry cracked soil has not effected the project at all. The wind turbines are placed in strong concrete bases far underneath the ground.

And most importantly, the project directors says no water is being used to dig. Proactive project directors say the only water being used is to hydrate constructions workers.

On Thursday a luncheon hosted by BP Wind Energy took place in Olney, to show appreciation for city leaders and residents.

At the event BP Wind Energy awarded the Olney Volunteer Fire Department with a 25,000 dollar check. The generous thank you was in recognition for all their hard work battling the wild fires back in April.

Some of those fires came very close to the wind farm property.

BP says it is important to them to be a part of the local community and communicate with land owners who live near the project site.

The plan is to put 90 wind turbines on the property. The project is expected to be finished by March of next year.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6