June Unemployment Numbers Deliver Grim Forecast For Economy

The local, state, and national unemployment rates have arrived for the month of June, and it's bad news all around.

The June rate for Wichita Falls rests at 8.2%, up 1.2% from May's unemployment standings. Figures suggest 5,900 residents in the Falls area remained jobless during that time. Most of the jobs lost stem from the Government and Education & Health Services departments. The rate for June 2011 also rose above June 2010's 8.1%, though the number of those without jobs was 100 less.

The state of Texas didn't do any better. The rate for the state also rested at 8.2%, climbing .2% from May. The Texas Workforce Commission reports the goods-producing industries combined added 11,200 jobs in June, and that new opportunities could continue to arise for job seekers as businesses continue to shift more resources into the state. Texas has only added 117,600 jobs since the beginning of 2011. The Midland area claimed the lowest June jobless rate in Texas, resting at 5.2%, the highest went to the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission area with a staggering 13% unemployment.

Still, the state stayed a whole 1% behind the nation's unemployment rate, which landed at 9.2% for June.