Drought Conditions Takes a Toll on Windthorst Football Fields

Drought conditions are hitting the ground hard and that could be a big concern come football time.

Bill Green, Windthorst Football Coach and Athletic Director, says his football practice fields are dry and that can be tough on an athlete.

Coach Bill Green says being tackled on extreme dry grass and soil is the same as being slammed down onto concrete.

Newschannel 6 crews took a look at the practice fields and they are very patchy.  Coach Bill says they could get a lot worse with the wear and tear players will bring during the upcoming training camp.

Speed, quickness, and agility training are all at the top of every coaches football list. But this season many Texoma high school football teams are starting off with a big challenge, there is no green grass in sight.

Coach Green comments, "When we go into tackling situations or hitting situations we will monitor it very close, as far as taking people to the ground and that short of thing."

The Windthorst Trojans have grass practice fields and Coach Green says another concern with their grass practice fields is cleat traction.

He says the players use plastic cleats and could have a hard time getting traction leading players to slip or twist their ankles.

There is also concerns over at the brand new stadium built just last year for the Trojans.

It was built with artificial grass to help save money on irrigation cost and up keep, but ground temperatures can soar. Last year the field reached a record 170 egress.

Coach Green says, "The heat probably took their legs away from them a little bit more than they realized. You can imagine being out on lava rocks that are 150 to160 degrees and your out there for two hours."

No matter what, Coach Green says the kids will suit up August first for training camp.

Coach Green says the football team has to follow the same water restrictions as the rest of the town.  Right now everyone in Windthorst is only allowed to water twice a week.

Coach Green says he manually waters his practice fields himself and wakes up as early as 5am to try to keep the grass as healthy as possible for his players.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6