Cats Paw Their Way Into the MPEC

Furry cats filled the MPEC for a cat show that showcased a variety of breeds.  It's the Maine Coon Cat Show and people from Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Kansas came out for the event.  Vendors were also readily available selling toys, food and cat houses.

"There are cats here to enjoy, to look at and to take to the breeders here and to the owners and find out quite a lot about many breeds that people do not even know about," said Cindy Miller, with the Maine Coon Connection of Texas.

The Wichita Falls rescue group Miss Fannie's Feline and Canine friends were at the show and had eight cats up for adoption, the show extends to Sunday as well.  Doors are open from 9 to 5pm and the cost is $8 dollars for adults or a family and $2 for children and seniors.