New Fire Station & Trucks for Jacksboro

The Jacksboro Fire Department is seeing a dream come to life. Construction begins this week on their new fire station.  Fire chief Jeremy Jennings says they haven't even used their current facility in 18 months because the conditions of the facility don't pass the city's sanitary guidelines. They've only used their old building for storage. But that's about to change.

Jennings says, "It's very significant for us. Our old station is just falling down around us."  The current nearly century old facility has black mold, water damage on its walls and ceilings, and broken up concrete floors. Jennings says the new facility will allow them a safer place to work. He says, "A great training spot. We're going to be able to host a lot of training, and do more training in house. As well as we're going to be able to staff our station 24 hours with volunteers. So, that's a big help to our citizens."

Chief Jennings hopes the new facility will bring more volunteers. And it seems this new progress is already helping recruit new faces. They've received four applications since the groundbreaking. Jennings says they're also getting a new used fire truck, one rescue and one ladder.  He says that will help them put out fires with better access to buildings with higher and wider distances.

Jennings says, "We're very ecstatic right now. It's been seven years since we've been trying to get here. And we finally got here. And we didn't think we would ever get here. I think everybody's really happy right now."  The W.S. Bowlware construction company plans to have the new fire station ready by the end of the year. Chief Jennings says their current fire station is up for sale. And the money will come full circle back to the city. The City of Jacksboro gave the fire department $2 million dollars for the new fire station and the trucks.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.