Summer Crime Wave

A summer wave of robberies has struck Wichita Falls.  A Dominos Pizza was robbed Sunday night, the night before that the Fas Pac Gas Station and last Thursday Citibank was robbed.  Newschannel 6 spoke to residents and a business owner about the robberies to hear their concerns.

"We have alarms, we have motion sensors, we have cameras up everywhere, records all night all day.  Double locks on everything so there's really no way in here without getting caught," said Tattoo artist Michael Kuykendall, he works just doors away from the Dominos that was robbed off Burkburnett Road.

Kuykendall says he's not letting the robbery distract him from work.  "We do a lot of the airmen work.   It's kind of more of an established place.  I don't know if Domino's seemed like any easy in and out target," he said.

Since the first week of May a total of seven aggravated robberies targeting businesses hit the city.  Dominos, Dollar General, Fas Pac, just a few that were targets from a culprit that had a weapon and took off with cash.

Dwight Morgan visits Fas Pac twice a week.  He says the recent robbery won't stop him from coming, but says he does worry.

"I'm going to keep living life.  There's crime in life.  I'm going to keep living life even though there's criminals doing crime all around me," he said.

Jack Taylor is another visitor of the gas station, he believes that the extreme heat is a factor in the string of robberies.

"The price of gas, the heat, the electrical bills, everything can come into play," said Taylor.

A summer of crime that's washing up on our shores is keeping police busy, residents concerned, and businesses on alert.

The other businesses that have been a target this summer are Quick & Easy Pawn, Christie's Toy Box, Citibank, and Cashmax.  No workers have been injured.

It's not just businesses that are being targeted.  Earlier this month a resident of French Quarter Apartments and Hunter's Crossing were robbed, one while getting groceries from their car, the other by the pool.

If you have any information about these robberies you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 322-9888.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.