Rider Raider Youth Football Camp

More than 100 kids crowded the football field at Rider High School for the 11th annual Raider Youth Football Camp.

The camp, for third through eighth graders, began Monday and will conclude Thursday night.

"The thing that we want to really promote is that football is a fun sport," Rider head football coach Jim Garfield said.

The kids are having fun through a variety of drills, many of which are the same used by Rider's varsity team.

If you ask a kid what his favorite thing is about the camp and football, you get a bevy of answers, from scoring touchdowns, making plays on defense to simply being competitive out on the field.

No matter the reason for participating, coach Garfield and his staff take the most pride in watching kids who attend the camp yearly develop their skills.

"When a kid comes back and participates in the program year after year, it makes me feel good because as a staff we as Rider are one family, one team," Garfield said. "We're putting that out to our community."

The final day of camp is from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.