Guilty Plea on Manslaughter Keeps Gomez Out of Jail

Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez

A man accused of running over a 20-year-old with his pick-up truck won't do any jail time.

Jose Gomez pleaded guilty Friday in the 30th District Court to a manslaughter charge. He will receive 10 years differed probation.

Gomez is accused of hitting Clifford Slater with his pick-up truck on the night of August 15, 2009 outside of the "Chameleon Club" in the 2600 block of Plaza Parkway.

Slater and two others hit were taken to United Regional. Slater died shortly after.

Wichita Falls Police report Gomez left the scene of the accident and was later arrested outside of Lunn's Funeral Home.

Police say four other people riding with Gomez were also arrested on the charge of public intoxication.