Wichita Falls City Leaders Meet To Discuss Drought Conditions

Wichita Falls' response to the current drought conditions are on the minds of city leaders.

Mayor Glenn Barham met Thursday with Assistant City Manager Kevin Hugman and representatives from Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Water Distribution and Public Information to talk about the drought.

Barham said the city could enter into Stage One of the drought contingency plan within the next couple of days.

Public Works Director Russell Schreiber has set up a Water Restrictions Hotline where citizens can get information on current water restrictions, report water leaks and report a residence or business that is watering against what the City ordinance allows. The hotline number is 761-7477.

A first offense of violating will garner a warning, a second offense will be sent to the Municipal Court Prosecutor for possible legal action that could lead to a maximum fine of $1000.00.