Illegal Watering in Wichita Falls Can Cost You

Newschannel 6 is getting answers for viewers who want to know how to report neighbors violating year round water conservation rules.

In the City of Wichita Falls it is illegal to water between the hours of 11am and 6pm any day of the year.

City officials got together after Newschannel 6 crews met with officials in the Public Works Department. They decided to set up a hotline for concerned residents.

Wichita Falls resident Presley Whitehead says, "I have no idea, I wouldn't know who to contact but I would like to find out, definitely."

Presley Whithead is not alone when she admits not knowing who to contact to file a complaint.

More people are keeping an eye on their neighbors this summer, upset when they catch someone watering illegally while others do all they can to conserve.

Luis Yoda, also a Wichita Falls resident says, "If we are in a drought people shouldn't really be worried about their lawns. There's other things to water besides your lawn that are more important."

The City of Wichita Falls does not have anyone looking for people breaking the rules so if you see someone using outdoor sprinklers to water their lawns between 11am and 6pm your asked to call the Public Works Hotline or fill out a complaint form at the Wichita Falls Municipal Court.

Officials say another option is simply knocking on the person's door and let them know they should not be watering.

The Public Works Hotline is:  761-7477

Officials say the hotline will not be answered on weeknights or on weekends.

Another good point to remember about the city's year round conservation ordinance is anyone washing a vehicle on their property can only do so with a water hose, equipped with a shut off nozzle.

Officials say anyone caught violating water ordinances could face up to a one thousand dollar fine.

Click here to read more about the Wichita Falls city meeting held Thursday, and to also find out what questions could be answered by calling the Hotline.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6