High Temperatures Keep Auto Repair Shops Busy

The century mark temperatures are taking a toll on our cars.  Some auto repair shops say they're seeing an increase upwards of 30% from last year, all because of the extreme heat.

At Patterson's Honda Parts and Service Shop things are getting a little hectic, they're adding employees and currently have around 35 technicians all trying to keep up with demand.

"We're having to schedule further out.  Therefore our timing has been a problem for our customers as well as technicians," said Service Manager Jim Shirey.

Shirey says the top item that's failing right now is batteries.  Technicians are replacing nearly 20 a day, double and in some cases triple what they're used to seeing.

"Temperatures under the hood of the car in the 108, 109 degree heat, is running upwards of 240 degrees," he said.

Shirey says the heat is boiling the water and acid right out causing failure.

Another problem is air conditioning failure.  Fort Worth native George Moore was traveling on the highway heading on vacation when the cool breeze coming from his car stopped blowing cold air.

"The air conditioner quit and it went to 108 real quick so we turned around and came back,"  said Moore.

"These vehicles especially dark colored vehicles are parked outside with the windows up.  The best thing to do is roll the windows down in the car when you get in it and let some of the heat out and then turn your AC on," said Shirey.

For many auto shops this summer is a big boost in revenue, but at the expense of your car.

Getting your battery tested and regular checkups in fluids can help eliminate any potential car problems this summer.  For a full list of recommendations from AAA click here.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.