Sheppard's Build-A-Boat a Huge Success

It was a sight to see at Sheppard Air Force Base as teams worked together to build a boat out of cardboard and then make it stay afloat.  It was the 11th annual Build-A-Boat where teams competed against each other to see who could paddle their cardboard boat across the base's swimming pool the fastest.  Staff of the event spent the past month gearing up for this event that brought in a record-breaking 67 teams each comprised of four to five people.

"I think they look forward to it every year.  We start getting calls usually in January and February wanting to know when's the Build-A-Boat?  It's pretty slow taking off but by the last couple of weeks they're coming from every where wanting to sign up for the boat race," said Denice Tilley of the SAFB Community Center.  Prizes were awarded for the fastest boat, the most team spirit and the most spectacular sinker.