WFPD Releases New Details On Series Of Wrecks On 287

Newschannel 6 is working to recover new information about a Sunday afternoon wreck that resulted in a car catching on fire. WFPD is confirming to Newschannel 6 the details about two separate accidents in the same area, just moments apart.

Police say around 2:30 PM, a truck with a trailer was driving down Highway 287 just west of Loop 11 when a tire blew, causing the truck to swerve and tip over. The driver and three other passengers inside the vehicle were taken to the hospital. Their conditions are unknown at this time.

Another accident also happened along the Northwest Freeway an hour later. Police report a Ford Mustang was attempting to get in another lane when it collided with an SUV. The two passengers inside the Mustang were taken to the hospital, though reports show they had no injuries.

The report is not in yet for another accident on 287 near the City View exit that had traffic backed up.

A Newschannel 6 crew member on the scene said one of the vehicles ended up catching on fire. Those flames spread to the median between the highway and the access road.

We have calls into the WFPD for more information. Stay tuned to Newschannel 6 for the latest.