Drought Watch: When Lake Levels Reach 60%

Stage 1: Drought Watch

A Drought Watch will be initiated when:

1) the combined storage of Lakes Kickapoo and Arrowhead decline to 60% of the conservation pool storage capacity,

or 2) demand exceeds design treatment capacity for 3 consecutive days (or exceeds 105% of design)

or 3) the water supply is unable to deliver water due to mechanical failure or damage of major water system components which require more than 72 hours to repair when the dry weather conditions exist and continued dry weather is expected over the course of the repair period.

Stage 1: Drought Watch


1. The City Council and other City departments will be notified of the impending problem and the proposed immediate and future actions.

2. In conjunction with the Public Information Office, initiate an education program through all available media to: A. Alert the public to the depletion of the reservoirs; current rate of withdrawals and the effect of such withdrawals; current meteorological conditions; and long range forecast from the National Weather Service. B. Alert the public to the drought management program, the various stage and measures and the possibility of implementation. C. Keep a constant flow of information tot he public to condition them for more stringent measures.

3. Notify the Parks Department to reduce their watering scheduling to twice per week.

4. Coordinate with other departments on the structure to conduct a voluntary and non voluntary water restriction program.

5. Conduct training necessary to implement the water restriction program

6. Prepare all administrative processes (forms, affidavits, maps, offices, etc.) for the restriction program