City of Wichita Falls Under Stage One Drought Watch

The City of Wichita Falls is now under a Stage One: Drought Watch. The decision was announced by Public Works Director Russell Schreiber during Tuesday's City Council meeting.

"Our current lake levels are at 60.5% and we'll be at 60% by the end of the week so we need to go ahead and initiate the Stage One said, Schreiber. "We're asking that all citizens and commercial water users implement water conservation measures that will reduce their use by at least 15%. This is voluntary not mandatory but we hope everyone will do their best to reduce their water use. We will have stepped up enforcement of the current watering restrictions and we will begin issuing water violation notices by placing a door hanger on a residence or business that is in violation of the City's current water restrictions," said Schreiber.

The Public Works Department has set up a Water Restrictions Hotline where citizens can get information on current watering restrictions, water conservation, report water leaks and report a residence or business that is watering against current year-round watering restrictions, which is as follows: Outside watering can be done using either an automatic or manual sprinkler system only during the hours from 6:00 PM to 11:00 AM. No sprinklers may be used from 11:00 AM through 6:00 PM. Hand watering can be done anytime but the hose must have an attachment with a shut off valve as well as any other watering device that is used. The Water Restrictions Hotline Number is 761-7477. 

Public Works will validate and track all complaints. A first offense will garner a warning, a second offense will be sent to the Municipal Court Prosecutor for possible legal action that could lead to a maximum fine of $1000.00.