The City of Wichita Falls Takes Action on Conservation Efforts

Newschannel 6 went knocking on doors to get you answers. So many of our viewers asked us what the city was doing to cut back on its water use.

While water restrictions for you are only voluntary for some city offices it is mandatory.

Weeks Golf Course Superintendent Terry Shifflett says, by cutting back on their spray irrigation times they save the city 300,000 gallons of water a day. Terry says he hopes the golf courses conservation efforts will motivate residents to do the same.

Wichita Falls water supply is getting low and with no rain in the future forecast changes need to be made.

Terry Shifflett comments, "Whenever the lakes were up we had all the water we could use, but now we are very well aware of the process of what could be happening down the road. We are doing our part to cut our water back and just try to keep the grass with a green tint."

Another department making big changes is parks and recreation. City of Wichita Falls Public Information Officer Barry Levy tells us it uses more water than any other department.

Jack Murphy, Director of Parks and Recreation Department says, "We are taking steps at this stage one to comply with the spirit of the restrictions and reducing water consumption appropriately."

Park and recreation is cutting off spray irrigation to open areas.

It is reducing its spray irrigation to two days a week to any areas with trees.

Parks and recreation tells Newschannel 6 they have received a lot of calls about the handful of water fountains that run throughout the city. They will continuing running because the city says the water is recycled.

The department also plans to hold a meeting so that staff can discuss which city areas will be on a cut off list  if the city enters stage two.

Public information officer Barry Levy also told Newschannel 6 he plans on emailing all city departments this week to find out how they are conserving water.

Newschannel 6 also reached out to Jeff Badder, Wichita Falls Fleet Maintenance Manager to ask if there were any restrictions placed on washing city vehicles. He told us as of now no rules have been implemented but will be later this week.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6