Faith Mission, Not Only for Homeless But Residents Too

There is something extraordinary happening right now at Faith Mission.  Faith Mission is not only providing overnight shelter for the homeless, it's offering a place for people during the day who don't have air conditioners and want to escape the heat. But space is running tight in the facility. They are continuing to have a huge increase in children as well as single mothers, and families.

Faith Mission Receptionist Skylar Aday says, "An enormous amount of children and families, even single people have been coming in because of the heat. they work all day and then they're extremely hot so they come in here and try to get a cool place to refresh themselves." Aday says they've been making sure they constantly have plenty of ice water available outside the cafeteria, especially during these days of extreme heat, as well as fans throughout the facility. And Texomans are grateful for Faith Mission's existence.

Wichita Falls Resident John Corbin says, "This has been a blessing to me even though I've spent 20 something years growing up in Wichita Falls and never thought I would have to use a facility like this." Corbin says he comes to Faith Mission because of the circumstances he's facing. He says, "Sometimes we can't control. It's a necessity. And having a place to come that's clean, and serves meals, and does care. And also has a Christian base to it, has been a great help for me."

Faith Mission leaders say even though the space is tight, they will never turn anyone away. Faith Mission's biggest need right now is fans. If you can donate, they really need the help. Other things high in demand are laundry detergent, toilet paper, water bottles, and food. You can go to the mission to make a contribution, monetary donation, or even become a volunteer. Here's the link to their website: Faith Mission.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.