2011-2012 MSU Budget Approved Without Layoffs

The MSU Board of Regents have concluded the university will be able to meet the now-approved 2011-2012 budget without layoffs.

The Board is also moving forward on planning for additional campus housing, allowing site and financial studies, and a request for architect selection qualifications to be added to the planning agenda.

The funds for the June sale of the Harvey House property, located on Hamilton Blvd., were also distributed amongst campus departments. 93% of the earnings will be transferred to a board-restricted account designed for student development efforts at the university. The remaining 7% will be retained to establish a quasi-endowment fund, named after Frank and Nancy Harvey.

Also, the Board approved the name-change of a university home, located in the 4000 block of Taft Blvd., to "Fraternity Commons."