More Players, More Goals For City View

New City View head football coach Rudy Hawkins started training camp with something rather peculiar, a large group of players.

Forty-nine kids were dressed in blue and white for the first practice in pads, double the amount of players that normally come out for football.

And, more kids on the field breed more competition in house.

"It brings out everybody's A game," senior lineman Anthony Garcia said. "Everybody's going to go as hard as they can to find a spot."

Runningback/cornerback Dameon Brown echoes his fellow senior's thoughts. He says players in the past became too comfortable with their positions because of the team's lack of depth.

"If they take a day off, they know someone's fighting for their position," Hawkins said. "They know they have to come work every single day."

More players and more competition have created more goals for the Mustangs, well more like, one big goal.

"We want to make the playoffs," Brown said.

City View fell short of at outside chance at the postseason last year, losing in their final game 40-18 to Nocona. With that loss still fresh, players and coaches aren't shying away from using the "P" word.

"That's hasn't been a goal around here, but the kids really want it," Hawkins said. "We know it's going to take a lot of hard work, and that it doesn't come overnight."

For the returning players, especially the seniors, they want a playoff berth to be part of a gift they leave for future City View Mustangs.

"(We want to) start a legacy at City View to make the playoffs every year," Garcia said.