Plants Withering Away

The list for the number of businesses struck hard from the blistering heat is growing.  Nurseries and green houses are having a difficult time keeping flowers blooming.  Many plants are simply struggling to stay alive in these triple digit temperatures.

Record breaking temperatures, mean big price cuts at Lowe's Garden Center.

"I'll sell it for 75 [percent].  I'll go lower than 75 too," said Sales Specialist at Lowe's Garden Center Emilio Carcamo.

Business is withering away.  Plants are turning yellow and workers are having a difficult time keeping them watered and thriving.  This summer Emilio says they had to throw away 2,000 plants; they also have to tell suppliers no or risk being overstocked
because no one is purchasing plants.

"They're actually buying more like soaker hoses and mulch and stuff like that and they might buy one or two plants here and there," he said.

Inside the green house plants are barely alive, despite cooler temperatures and fans.

"Even those are hurting too right now, they're in the heat.  They are in my green house and keeping them moist is tough."

Some outside are managing.  Emilio says Lantana's are surviving, a new supply will ship in this week.  Rick Rowley and Lisa Roy came to buy mulch to hold the moisture in the ground, a last stop solution they hope will keep their trees growing.

"We've lost a few of them but they're doing pretty well as we keep watering them and put them in the shade and keep them out of the direct heat," they said.

The relentless summer heat is bringing in fewer shoppers, bigger discounts and shriveling away at plants that were once flourishing.

Emilio has a few tips to keep trees and plants growing.  He says to add mulch to trees and water in the early morning hours and late evening.  With plants he says monitoring them is the best way to keep them thriving, but to make sure you don't add too much water a good tip to follow is to stop watering when runoff starts.  To find more tips or supplies visit Lowe's Garden Center website by clicking here.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.