Restaurant Back Up And Running Strong

One local restaurant owner is now making a comeback with a new shop and a new kidney.
Above Average BBQ owner Mackie Hayes closed on the permanent home for his restaurant after several months of selling hot food out of a trailer, only to suffer complete kidney failure.
Hayes spent days in medical facilities before he got better, and now he's back in business.
Newschannel 6 stopped in at his new shop downtown to talk with Hayes. He told us how excited he is to be back in business.
"I'm hoping Wichita Falls downtown area will be reborn again and we'd like to be a part of the growth and hopefully take an opportunity for people who want to move down here, will do it," Mackie Hayes said.

Hayes says the restaurant is gradually getting its customers back after many thought he had passed on from his medical troubles. Above Average BBQ is at 810 7th Street in downtown Wichita Falls.