Watching Water Main Breaks In Wichita Falls

Newschannel 6 continues to follow wasted water issues facing the City of Wichita Falls.
City crews have been working overtime fixing water main break after water main break.
Wednesday around five water main breaks were called in.
One of the breaks today was reported at North Brook and Washington and another one at Boren and Pool. That break is severe and could leave people in that area without water during repair work.
City leaders say this is actually a slow down from what they have been dealing with.
Last week, there were 77 water main breaks reported, and 72 the week before.
We hit the streets to ask you about the water main breaks and if you think the city is handling the situation effectively.
One man we spoke with told us, "I'm not a plumber or a city employee, so I can't critique it very well if I don't know what I'm talking about. I think they're probably doing the best they can."
A hotline number is available if you see a water main break. You can call 761-7477, Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.  
After 5:00pm and on the weekends, you'll need to call Wichita Falls Police Dispatch at 720-5000.