Carwash Businesses Saving Water In Drought

The drought could actually be a good thing for at least one type of Texoma businesses. Cars are lining up at car wash businesses. All American Carwash says they're washing as many as 500 cars daily, and about 800 on the weekends. But even though they're pumping out water to get your car clean. They are doing what they can not to waste.

All American Carwash is using 12,000 gallons of water per month at each location. And while it sounds like a lot, they could be using more. General Manager Dan Donahue says, "We've added water recleans to both car washes so it helps us save water." The recleans actually retreat the water that way it can be reused and not wasted. Donahue says the system allows them to recycle 50 percent of the water being used.

Customers lining up at All American are coming in from all over Texoma. Some are coming in from Graham, Henrietta and Burkburnett to get their cars cleaned. And this is actually conserving water usage at homes because they are using the recycled water at the car wash instead. Burkburnett Resident Cheryl Wuthrich says, "I love the car wash, but I mainly came to the car wash today because I'm trying to make it rain." And Henrietta Resident Rene Wood says, "It's a great thing to have available here."

So many people are spending money there that it has helped to renovate their All American Express Car Wash at the Kell and Mcneil location. And they are giving back to the community by providing free car washes every day this week through Saturday.

All American Express Car Wash has its Grand Opening this Saturday from 11 to 2 p.m. People are not only bringing in their cars, but they are also bringing their boats to the All American Super Car Wash.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.