Champions Course At Weeks Park is Cutting Water Usage in Half

Residents living in Wichita Falls are also being asked to take voluntary measures to save water. They want to know if city owned businesses are doing their part to conserve.  

It takes a lot of water to keep grass green and growing at the course. The manager says The Champions Course at Weeks Park has actually cut its water usage in half.

While Tommy Isbell manager at the golf course could not tell Newschannel 6 exactly how much water the golf course uses on a daily basis, he did say consumption is down by 200,000 gallons of water a day.  

It is not what you would typically find at a golf course, but the patches of yellow grass is evidence that the Champions Course at Weeks Park is cutting back on water usage over its 40 acre course.

Tommy Isbell comments , "We are trying to be good citizens and  I understand how much water it is taking to keep things alive."

Tommy Isbell says they have taken proactive measures in the drought and they started cutting back on water six weeks ago.  They have cut usage in half the grounds staff is making daily efforts as well.

Weeks Park Water Superintendent was at it again on Thursday fixing a water main break that was expected to take a few hours. Weeks Park says they are making every effort to conserve.

Isbell says the golf course cost the city four million dollars to renovate, but if the city enters stage-two the course will only be allowed to water once a week.

Isbell says crews are focusing on watering the greens because they can be very expensive to replace if the grass dies.

Isbell says each green would cost 50 grand to replace.   

Newschannel 6 also left a message with the city asking for a clear answer on how much water the course is using each day. Our call has not been returned.


Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6