A New Beginning for Electra

This year for the Electra Tigers, it's all about the team believing in itself. A big part of that is new head coach Keith Ivy, who wants to get Electra back to its glory days.

"It's real exciting to come in and try to re-kindle that," Ivy said. "Get this program built back like it needs to be."

He was hired in February to take over for Steve Stewart, who resigned after six wins in four seasons with the Tigers.

In the almost six months since then, Ivy has earned his players' respect and admiration.

"I love him to death!" says senior lineman Rodey Shafer, who thinks Ivy has the team on the right track.

"He's a great coach, there ain't gonna be another one like him. And the way he's got us going, I think we're going to have a pretty good season."

Another part of that belief is senior quarterback and middle linebacker Tyler Coats.

He's someone that the team looks up to as a leader on--and off--the field, which Coach Ivy says helps make his job easier.

"He's played there [at quarterback] for a few years now," says fullback and fellow linebacker Blaze Lynn. "Everyone respects him and learns from him, and he helps out everybody. He's a really good leader."

"He brings us together in the time of need," Shafer said. "He keeps us pretty entertained in the huddle, and he also takes control when needed."

For his part, Coats realizes that leadership can't just come from one player.

"Everyone has to be a leader and stand up," Coats said. "And I'm going to try to do my part, and try to get this team on the right track."

With their new coach and their veteran leader, the Tigers are confident entering the 2011 season.

"I'm expecting to go out and, you know, win a lot more games that what we have in the past," said Lynn.

Shafer agrees: "After our scrimmages, we'll go into the first game and hopefully knock some heads."

That first chance to knock some heads comes against S&S Consolidated on August 26th.