Byers ISD To Be Open In 2011-2012

A meeting in Byers on Thursday night had many people worried that the school district would not be open for the upcoming school year. That will not be the case. The district is planning on having classes this year. The Byers School Board believes they have enough money to make it through the school year.

Enrollment will be the key to keep the school open. Principal David Keller told Newschannel Six, "We expect about 55 to 56 kids. That way, we can stay open all year. But, we will have to watch expenditures and keep the school open."

35 students are pre-enrolled but Principal Keller said he expects more students on the first day of school.

Byers Superintendent Steve Wolfe stepped down early last week. Also, last week Byers canceled it's six-man football season after not having enough players to compete. In May Newschannel 6 first told you that it was possible that due to low enrollment that the school may be forced to close and consolidate with nearby Petrolia. We will continue to follow this story closely for you. Stay with Newschannel 6 and for the very latest.