More Aid Money Going To The Horn Of Africa

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Thursday that the U.S. will donate an additional $17 million in aid to help combat the devastating affects of a severe drought in the Horn of Africa.

Though the drought affects a number of countries in that region, Somalia has been hit particularly hard. That's why Clinton said $12 million of that money will go directly to helping the people of Somalia and those who have fled to refugee camps along the border.

In a speech to The International Food Policy Research Institute Clinton said, "On Monday, President Obama announced that in light of the current crisis we are making available an additional $105 million dollars in emergency funding. Today I'm announcing another $17 million on top of that. With $12 million designed specifically for helping the people of Somalia. That brings the total U.S. Humanitarian assistance to the region to more than $580 million dollars this year."

With the additional funds, Clinton said the U.S. has donated more than $580 million in aid to the region this year alone.