Feds Feed Families Food Drive

The Sheppard Air Force Base Commissary is hosting a Feds Feed Families Campaign for the first time. They are gathering hundreds of pounds of food and giving it to the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank for families in need.

The Food Bank came to pick up its first load Friday. The military has already gathered 750 pounds of food and home goods so far. Sheppard Commissary Assistant Store Director James Dellinger says the campaign was motivated by the Serve America Act that created "United We Serve". It's a big push for federal personnel and military to help out families in need. Dellinger says, "I like the idea because during the summertime is when the food bank program really needs to help. With this emphasis putting on military and federal personnel to help out, I can see the program being a real huge success."

Wichita Falls Area Food Bank Assistant Director Michelle Schuster says Sheppard contributes about 150 pounds of produce to them weekly. But, "This year they're doing something different. They're doing a big food drive for us. And we're so appreciative of it." Dellinger says, "We're collecting everything from cereals, canned goods, anything that's nonperishable. And today the food bank came by, and actually I think we contributed 758 pounds." They've collected enough to make more than 500 meals already. John Hopkins retired from the military. He's contributed several times to the food drive including Friday. Hopkins says, "I like to see all the military members chip in and donate. It's for a worthy cause to help everybody. With this local economy, it hurts. So you know every little bit can help. "

Dellinger says their goal is to collect 2,000 pounds before the drive is over at the end of August. He says any active duty service member or federal personnel as well as their families may contribute as long as they have an identification card to shop at the commissary. If you are not military or federal personnel but want to help out, you may always contribute to the local food bank.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.