Nocona's Meals on Wheels Program Needs Your Help

Health conditions can become more severe in the heat, especially for the ageing or disabled in our communities.

That is just one reason why right now it is so important the elderly get the nutrition they need. But right now in Nocona the Meals On Wheels Program is struggling.

The Senior Center tells Newschannel 6 the current volunteers helping deliver meals are mostly the elderly living in the Nocona community.

Staff at the center say the heat might be playing a factor in keeping those volunteers off the streets and not delivering the meals.

The Nocona Meals on Wheels Program will never say no to someone needing a meal, but it is getting harder to deliver.

The Senior Center says, "volunteers get sick or go on vacation or have other activities which interfere with their ability to be a volunteer. When that happens we go to the reserve base."

Toby Howard, President of the Montague County Carpenters Shop, which operates the Nocona Senior Center and the Meals on Wheels Program says volunteers deliver nearly 60 meals a day.

There are currently 40 volunteers and those numbers are dwindling.

Toby Howard says, "Nocona is a good community and does a great job of that. We just need a really good base of volunteers so that we can continue to meet the needs of those who need our services."

Virginia Lee Johnson, a regular at the Senior Center is thankful for those who do help.

Even though she is not a member of the Meals on Wheels Program she feels the Senior Center is like her home away from home. Virginia Lee Johnson encourages residents to help as much as they can.

A volunteer's delivery route usually takes about 45 minutes and generally finishes by 11:45 in the morning. The program runs Monday through Friday.

For details on becoming a volunteer please call the Nonona Senior Center at (940) 825- 3148.

Speak with Sandra Demoss or one of the volunteers who help man the front desk each day.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6