Years Later VFD Friberg-Cooper Gets Dream Truck

Wildfires have tamed down a bit this month, but it wasn't that long ago when fires were erupting everywhere, straining resources. In Friberg-Cooper things are beginning to look up again after the department welcomed in a new member that rolled in on Friday.

For the past five years Friberg-Cooper Volunteer Fire Department had been trying relentlessly to get a new truck.

"It feels wonderful to have it here. Everybody on the department, the community is excited," said Fire Chief William Norris.

Revved up and ready to go the new fire truck outshines all the others.

"It can fight brush fires, grass fires. We can use it as a structure fire to fight house fires and as
a tanker to bring water."

At $175,000 it didn't come cheap or easy, but everything its decked out with will truly benefit the lives of locals.

"It helps this community. It helps others department, because we can use it to help other departments," said Chief Norris.

Back in April and May when grassfires were starting left and right they received between two to three calls a week, while that may not seem like a lot for this small VFD it is.

"On average we might get one or two fires a month, but we were running two to three fires a week. That was pretty busy for us."

That left their trucks restless and overworked. This new addition has yet to be used, for now
it's locked up waiting for that call.

The department received a grant from the Texas Forest Service in the amount of $155,000, but the department still has $3,000 left to pay off by themselves. They are accepting donations.  You can drop off any donations on Saturday during their dedication ceremony at 10 am where you can see the truck first hand for yourself at 291 Bailey road.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.