Marching Bands Bear the Heat

High school bands help Friday nights comes alive during football season, but it takes a lot of hard work to get ready to pump up the crowds.

Right now Texoma bands are braving the heat to practice. Holliday's band director, Melanie Hadderton says they have been very fortunate. The band has not had any students get sick since starting two-a-day band rehearsals, which started earlier this month.

All the kids are baring down dealing with the treacherous weather because it is show time come August 25th.

Band members have no other choice and practicing in the heat is the only option.
That is why most of Holliday's marching rehearsals happen in the morning when temps are cooler. But some instruments can be quite the load to carry Hadderton says.        
"Some of our larger instruments are probably closer to 30 pounds like the tubas. So those kids are really working hard."
 Coaches tell Newschannel 6 that on the black top temperatures will raise about 10 degrees. That is why band director Melanie Hadderton says it is very important that kids get water breaks every 15 minutes.

And keeping her band members hydrated is key for high intensity training and all to get ready for Friday nights.

Coaches say students are usually required to wear full uniforms during the games. Hadderton says uniforms consist of, "Longs sleeve high collar shirts with a zip in the back. They have what we call bibbers underneath them, like an overall  with straps, and you have to wear a shirt underneath that. It is really hot."

But until temperatures cool off students can wear their travel uniforms instead because they say safety should always come first.

Hadderton says before out door rehearsals are held band members are educated on what signs to look for if they do happen to get heat stressed.

Holliday band staff tells Newschannel 6 that anytime the heat index reaches 105 degrees ISD rules mandate the band must move practice and go indoors.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6