Olney Looks To Bounce Back

Olney's football team enters 2011 looking for both redemption and results. The Cubs finished last season 2-8 overall, which included a stretch of seven-straight losses.

"Nobody wants to finish 2-8," senior quarterback Kyle Turner said. "We definitely had the tools to finish strong and above .500."

Coaches are attempting to weed out bad habits at training camp, using last year's losses to motivate this year's team.

"They'll bring up teams that beat us," senior lineman Randy Hirsch said. "That'll motivate us for that drill or that whole day of practice."

As much as the coaching staff attempts to spread a message or tone at practice, Olney's team leaders know it's ultimately they're responsibility to play better out on the field. Turner says he's constantly reminding his teammates about the struggles of last season.

"If one guy doesn't do their job, it brings down the guy next to them," Hirsch said. "It's just a domino effect, and the whole team gets brought down."

Hirsch adds that everyone's plays a role in the team's success, from the starters to the scout team.

"We're always trying to get those scout team guys to go as hard as they can because then it makes us go as hard as we can, and everybody gets better," Hirsch said.

Olney opens the season at Tolar on Friday, Aug. 26th.