Meals On Wheels In Desperate Need For Drivers

The Senior Citizens Services of North Texas is in desperate need for drivers for their Meals on Wheels program.

The organization needs more than 45 volunteers to delivers meals Monday through Friday to hungry homebound seniors and disabled residents.

Volunteer Coordinator Kelly Patton sat down with Newschannel 6 crews today, offering up a reason behind low volunteer numbers and a plea for more willing drivers. Kelly explains, "I need a lot of people. The heat is taking a toll on a lot of our regular volunteers. Without the volunteers, there's no way we can get out 750 meals. It's almost impossible to do."

Volunteers are the very heart and soul of the Meals on Wheels program, providing those hundreds of meals to those in need. The organization is also asking businesses to step up and help out in this great time of need.

For more information about the program, you can call 940-322-6232, 817-800-2144 or go to