Tax Holiday Just in Time for Back-to-School Shopping

It's that time of year again, the back-to school rush.  School bells will be ringing come Monday but this weekend parents are running to their local stories to get supplies for their students.  As if the weekend before the first day of school doesn't make the school supply aisle busy enough, the Sales Tax Holiday has added to the dash.

Many parents are hitting the store early this weekend in order to avoid the crowds.

"We're trying to get all our school supply shopping done this weekend, its going to be crazy tomorrow so we're doing it today," said Chad Bajo, a father stocking his children up for school on Monday.

According to the Comptrollers Office in Austin, back in 2007 the Tax Holiday was moved from it's original date, the 1st weekend in August to the 3rd week of August in order to have it closer to the first day of school.

When it comes to the issue of the date change, parents seem to be split down the middle on whether they think it's been helpful.

"I wish it was maybe a little bit earlier, but hey, its still there and it's going to help," said Bajo.

Whereas some parents like Frank Lambert like the date push-back.

"We just got the school supply list yesterday and had no idea so it has definitely helped us being later," Lambert said.

Whatever the thoughts on the date change, all parents agree that this holiday provides some much needed relief to their wallets.

"The economy is hard these days and that helps us a lot," said Bajo.

The state Comptrollers Office says Texans look forward to the Tax Free Holiday each year and it usually creates an uptick in sales.

Follow this link to see a full list of tax free supplies and clothing on the State Comptrollers Office website. 

Taelor Rian,  Newschannel 6