Wichita County Courthouse Renovations Costing A Lot

Wichita County Commissioners recently authorized a 30-day extension for contractors working on renovations to the County Courthouse and other administrative areas for thousands of dollars.

We wanted to know exactly where all that money was coming from.
We spoke with Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom this morning to find out if these new changes were costing tax-payers bundles of cash.

"We're doing that with money that we've taxed and placed in savings, we're not adding additional tax for that, and so that's what we've tried to do over the years as we move forward with these programs is there have been, gosh, it started with my predecessor, what was called a "permanent improvement fund" which was set aside money to save and build that up over the years," said Judge Gossom.

The renovations will also help accommodate several county judges who have had to swap around rooms for space when they need it.