Nocona Enters Into More Severe Water Restrictions

Residents continue to face more severe levels of water rationing across Texoma.  

Just days ago the city of Nocona entered into level three of its drought contingency plan.
Now the city is looking to other means of water just in case lakes levels get very low.

A water well has already been drilled. Nocona's City Manager Lynn Henley tells Newschannel 6 that the new water well has been in the works for some time now, but was finally constructed this spring. The city says it is not up and running as of yet, however it will be put to use if the city struggles to get water to its residents.

If Lake Nocona  is  not replenished soon by some Texas rain residents will be facing more severe water restrictions. City officials will be bringing in water from a new source. A newly drilled water well.

Lynn Henley says, "We are not going to use it all the time. We will use it in an emergency situation such as the one we are getting into or we are having trouble getting water from the lake. That is when we would start using it."

Henley says Lake Nocona is where the city gets its water supply and it is checked daily.   
On Monday the lake level was standing at nearly 822 feet.  City leaders say it is decreasing daily by less than half an inch. 

Henley also adds that if lake levels continue to drop at that rate Nocona will enter level four by the end of November. Level four means lake levels have reached 819 feet. That would cut outdoor watering to only one day a week.

But some city residents think watering should be banned all together.

If conditions do not improve Henley says by February the city of Nocona could enter level five and that is the last step of the drought contingency plan. But Henley says now with an emergency water well in place he believes the city will get through the drought. 

Henley comments, "We are getting into more severe levels, but we are just trying to conserve water for next year so we have plenty of water. We have quite a bit of water left out there in the lake and I don't see us running out any time soon."

City Leaders say Nocona consumes about 1.2 million gallons of water a day, which is down from last summer.

The city says they have been lucky this summer because they have not had very many water main breaks. Other Texoma cities that are also in severe levels of their drought contingency plans are Henrietta and Quanah. Henrietta is currently in level three and Quanah is in level four.

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Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6