HHH: City Bus Station

The City of Wichita Falls is in the middle of a large project to help public bus transportation and give a boost to the Hotter 'N Hell Hundred. A new intermodal bus station is being built in the 300 block of Scott Street. It will link all forms of bus transportation in one central spot.

The idea is to have a central location that will connect  the Falls Ride, Greyhound, Jefferson Lines and Sharp Lines to one hub. "It will bring them in to one facility to create a seamless of transfer of passengers wanting to travel not only around the region  but also across the United States," said Wichita Falls Transportation Director John Burrus.

The facility will also serve the HHH in many ways. It is situated between the start and finish lines of the race. "it will create a facility where people that need to get refreshments or also use the restroom facilities, they can do that," said Burrus.

The center will also serve those on two wheels year-round. "Its in close proximity to the hike and bike trail, so a lot of people that are wanting to catch a local bus or a regional bus can also access the hike and bike trail,"

The project is expected to cost $3.5M and 80% will be paid by the feds, with the city and state matching the rest. Design will start in October, and the city will seek input from citizens during that process.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel  6