City View Stench

You can't drive past city view high school without noticing something in the air.

"It smells like sulfur, like something's either polluted or died, it just doesn't smell good, it's a nasty smell," said Michael Rojas, a resident who lives just across the street from the school.

Officials say it all started two weeks ago when dead fish were found floating on top of the water.  The maintenance crew at City View believes the hot temperatures caused a lack of oxygen in the water, killing the fish.

"I didn't know where it came from I just came out one morning to go to work and I smelled it and it's just not a good smell, it's not something you want to wake up to," added Rojas.

Volunteers came to the school's lake to remove more than 800 pounds of fish.  They thought the smell would disappear, but the odor persisted.  When you get close to the water you can see oil on the surface and that's what's keeping the smell around.  The maintenance crew says the oil is omitted from fish when they die.

Crews have put two pumps in place to get fresh water into the lake hoping to increase the oxygen level and clear out the dirty water.

"We're doing everything we can do.  Removed the fish, pumping water in and getting it going out the other end and no one else has told me anything else better to do," said Rudy Hawkins, the school's Maintenance Director.

The maintenance team says they have done all that they could think of to get rid of the smell, even contacting the Health Department to see what else could be done.

Hawkins said there isn't much else they can try to do.

"If you put in too much chlorine or anything else, you'll kill the rest of the fish and your going to have the same problem we've got, so what do we do?"

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.