Minority College Enrollment Changes

Young adult Hispanics are now the second largest racial group in U.S.colleges.  A Census Bureau report shows Hispanics surpassed blacks nationally in college enrollment in 2010.

"There's definitely a lot more Mexicans and blacks here than there used to be, so it looks good here," said David Moreno, a sophomore studying at Midwestern State University.

Midwestern State University's records show that in the last ten years the school has seen a boost in enrollment of minority students with a 5% increase of black students and a 1% increase of Hispanics. 

"One of the things I've always liked at Midwestern, and I think this has remained constant in years I've been here is the overall demographic make up is similar to the United States as a whole," said Dr. Steve Garrison, MSU's Political Science Chair.

Whatever the numbers, one thing is true on Midwestern's campus.  Diversity is a priority and students seem to agree it's a necessity.

Disa Hairell is a freshman at MSU and says, "It's kind of hard when your just one ethnicity, one group from one town and so seeing different people is a wake up call."

Midwestern's diverse student body has even attracted many students to enroll like Sebastian Wichterich, a student from Germany.

"I think it's an interesting mixture, actually it's one of the main reasons I came here," said Wichterich.

Dejon Hayes an athlete at MSU said,"Being able to sit in a classroom with other different students, that's a good feeling you know?"

"Education is an amazing opportunity and empowering situation and we should always do what we can to make sure the doors are open for whoever it is that wants to go to school," added Dr. Garrison.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.