HHH 2011: Event a Success Despite Fewer Participants

The 30th annual Hotter 'N Hell is going down in the books, but with lower attendance. There were record high early registration sign-ups, yet a lower turnout this year. Roby Christie, Chairmen of HHH says it was all because of the weather. He says we lost about 1,200 late registrants.

Trucks carrying supplies and the stage on the verge of being nonexistent, that was the sight Sunday afternoon at the MPEC as cyclists finished the last grueling race. Sean Brown and Adam Biyan competed in the race and are already planning for next year.

"Keep on racing throughout the rest of the year. There's still quite a bit of racing to do," said Biyan. "It took about seven bottles of water to get through yesterdays 3.5 hours of racing," said Brown.

Thirty-year chairman of the event Roby Christie says we broke a record for the highest temperature, alongside another record.

"It's the best year ever for our consumer show," said Christie. "Even though the number of people were down some of the vendors had doubled or tripled the amount of money that was taken in."

An estimated 12,000 riders cycled through Texoma down from last year's total of 14,800. And many changes were in place including an earlier start time and a new route, all of which proved to be a wise choice.

"The racers loved the new course and liked getting started early and we changed the route and went through Henrietta and we found the most welcome group of people in Henrietta."

Despite changes it was a success that Christie says came from the entire community.

"I've been told that Wichita Falls is locked in some kind of time warp. That we're 20 years behind the rest of the world and if that's true and if that's what produces this friendly welcoming environment, more power to it."

Organizers are already planning for next year. Christie says it's a tradition to meet every Monday after the race. They will have dinner, share their humorous stories and begin planning for Hotter 'N Hell 2012.

Officials say participants came from nearly every state across the country and others from around the globe.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.