UPDATE: Officer Over the Limit: Toxicology Report

Newschannel six received the toxicology report from the Department of Public Safety via Public Information Act Request. The toxicology report shows Teddie Whitefield had Alprazolam, an anxiety drug that goes by the name of Xanax and Phentermine, a weight loss drug, in his system. These are the same drugs we learned in November were in Whitefield the night he crashed his police car into a vehicle carrying two teens. Both of them were killed. One of them was pregnant.

The Department of Public Safety investigation shows on June 30th Officer Whitefield was driving at least 80 miles per hour on Jacksboro Highway when he crashed his K-9 patrol unit into a Pontiac Grand Am, killing two teen girls. Wichita Falls police reported Officer Whitefield was not on an emergency call.

DPS Trooper Tony Fulton also revealed that Officer Whitefield admitted to taking two prescription medications before the crash. He submitted a urine test to determine what the medications were. DPS just got a return on those results. One precaution on Xanax, according to WebMD.com reads, "Do not drive, use machinery, or do any activity that requires alertness..." 

In Whitefield's indefinite suspension report, Wichita Falls Police Chief Dennis Bachman wrote to Whitefield that he, "Failed to report to your supervisors your use of two prescription medications until confronted. You failed to provide the department with a medical release stating that you are capable of performing your regular duties while taking these medications."

Yeni Lopez, 18, was driving the Pontiac. Gloria Montoya, 13, was also in the vehicle. Troopers confirmed that Lopez was 8 months pregnant. They also said Lopez was on the phone when the crash happened. Trooper Fulton said that could have been a contributing factor in the accident. He also said other contributing factors could have been the officer's K-9 or the officer's computer.

Trooper Fulton said Lopez stopped at the stop sign on Holliday St. before attempting to drive across Jacksboro Highway to get to 33rd St. Her car was hit by the Officer's K-9 patrol unit as she was crossing Jacksboro Highway. Trooper Fulton said evidence shows Officer Whitefield did not take any evasive action before crashing into Lopez's car.

Officer Whitefield suffered a fractured arm.

DPS said neither the girls nor Officer Whitefield were wearing a seatbelt.

Newschannel 6 also obtained paperwork related to a second accident involving Teddie Whitefield that same day.

Paperwork shows Whitefield was involved in an accident on Jacksboro Highway at 5:20 p.m. on June 30th. That was just hours before officials said Whitefield caused a deadly crash, also on Jacksboro Highway.

The report on the 5:20 p.m. accident shows Whitefield was driving less than 5 miles per hour on Jacksboro Highway. The report states that he was headed north bound. The report states Whitefield rear-ended a civilian vehicle at a red light at the intersection of Jacksboro Highway and Galveston Street.

The report states Whitefield said he stepped on the brakes. He said he was sending a message on the computer, and his foot slipped from the brake to the gas. Whitefield said he re-applied the brake.

He did rear-end the vehicle in front of him, but neither that vehicle or the patrol unit were damaged. No one was hurt.

The report states the driver in the other vehicle did not want to file a report.

Newschannel 6 was alerted to the second crash by carefully combing through Whitefield's Letter of Indefinite Suspension. The report states that on June 30th Whitefield was quote, "assessed one non-chargeable, preventable point for the 1720 hours accident, during which you rear-ended another vehicle."

The report then states that at 2134 hours Whitefield was involved in the fatality accident that claimed the lives of two teenage girls, one of whom was pregnant.

Through a separate open records request, Newschannel 6 was able to learn that Officer Teddie Whitefield was indefinitely suspended on August 10, 2011. The City of Wichita Falls provided Whitefield's letter of suspension and a separate document showing Whitefield denies allegations and plans to appeal the action. The City's HR manager told Newschannel 6 that an indefinite suspension is equivalent to a termination. The HR manger said that the term is commonly used in a civil service department when an employee is asked to leave.

Chief Dennis Bachman signed the report, which states Whitefield violated numerous rules and polices the night he collided his patrol unit into a Pontiac Grand AM.

Bachman states in the report, "Your conduct in blatantly disregarding the law reflects negatively on yourself, the Police Department, and the city. Moreover your conduct has damaged the public image of the Police Department."

The report goes further stating Whitefield violated federal and sate laws by going at least 80 miles per hour in a 45 speed zone. Call logs show Whitefield was not en route to an emergency call and was not wearing his seatbelt.

The report says evidence also shows Whitefield admitted to taking two prescription medications earlier in the day.

Bachman states that Whitefield quote, "Failed to report to your supervisors your use of two prescription medications until confronted. You failed to provide the department with a medical release stating that you are capable of performing your regular duties while taking these medications."

The TX Department of Public Safety listed all these same items in its report of the accident.

The City also provided Newschannel 6 with paperwork showing Whitefield denies the allegation in the disciplinary suspension order. He is appealing his suspension.

Newschannel 6 has also learned more about the possible legal action as a result of this crash. At this time Whitefield has not been charged.

Newschannel 6 has learned the crash report will be presented to the District Attorney's office. They will determine if charges will be brought against Whitefield.

The D.A.'s office will not tell Newschannel 6 if a case has been opened.