Officer Teddy Whitefield's Appeal and Suspension Papers

The City of Wichita Falls has released new information about the employment circumstances surrounding the officer involved in the deadly crash that killed two teenagers.

Newschannel 6 learned Friday that Officer Teddy Whitefield no longer worked for the City. We then submitted an open records request asking when employment stopped and whether Whitefield was terminated or resigned. The City responded to our request Monday. Officials provided paperwork showing Teddie Whitefield was indefinitely suspended on August 10th.

Officials cite several reason for punishment including neglect of duty. The report finds Whitefield was going at least 80 miles per hour on Jacksboro Hwy., was not wearing his seatbelt, admitted to taking two prescription medications earlier in the day and took no evasive action. The TX Department of Public Safety listed those same items in its report.

click here to view Officer Whitefiled's suspension papers (.pdf file)

The report is signed by both Wichita Falls Police Chief Dennis Bachman and Whitefield. It quotes the W.F.P.D. as saying to Whitefield, "Your conduct in blatantly disregarding the law reflect negatively on yourself, the Police Department and the City...Moreover, your conduct has damaged the public image of the Police Department."

The City also provided Newschannel 6 with paperwork showing Whitefield denies the allegation in the disciplinary suspension order. He is appealing his suspension.

click here to view Officer Whitefield's letter of appeal (.pdf file)