Libyan Rebels Demand Return Of Gadhafi Family

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP)- Libyan rebels are demanding that Algeria return Moammar Gadhafi's wife and three of his children for trial.

Gadhafi's wife, daughter Aisha and sons Hannibal and Mohammed fled Libya and entered Algeria yesterday. Gadhafi and several of his other sons remain at large.

The information minister in the rebels' interim government says, "We are determined to arrest and try the whole Gadhafi family, including Gadhafi himself."

Rebel leaders say they're not surprised to hear Algeria has welcomed Gadhafi's family. Throughout Libya's six-month uprising, rebels have accused Algeria of providing Gadhafi with mercenaries to repress the revolt. The departure of some of his family members is one of the strongest signs yet that the longtime leader has lost his grip on the country.

Gadhafi's children have played important roles in Libya. Hannibal headed the maritime transport company, Mohammed headed the national Olympic committee and Aisha, a lawyer, helped defend
Iraq's Saddam Hussein in the trial that led to his hanging.

Rebels say Ghadafi's son Khamis, was likely killed last week in a battle south of Tripoli.