Hirschi High School Hero

Many at Hirschi High School know her as a star student, but just a few weeks ago Ginger Callahan earned a new title, a hero.  A couple of days after Ginger's mom got home from surgery she had an anxiety attack and ripped out her own oxygen tube.

"When I looked at my mom her face was blue and her lips were already turning black so it took a minute to click and then when it did I just went ahead and did what I knew I had to do," says Ginger.

She immediately called 911 and began CPR on her unresponsive mother.

"My grandma had started it but didn't quite remember how to do it so I gave her the phone and kept doing it until the ambulance got there," she said.

Ginger says if it hadn't of been for CPR training at Hirschi High School she wouldn't have been able to help her mom.

"I can honestly say if we didn't have this program I wouldn't have known what to do.  I'm thankful that Vernon College and Hirschi High School work together for it."

"It really makes me feel wonderful that I'm part of a program that helps those students learn those life saving skills.  It gives them the confidence that they need," says CPR Instructor and teacher at Hirschi High School, Angie Gray.

Like a true hero, Ginger wanted none of the credit.

"I tried to keep it to myself because it's an emotional thing," adds Ginger.

Ginger's mom was placed back on life support for three weeks following the incident, but after having a tracheotomy she is back on her feet again and so thankful for what her daughter has done for her.

"She broke down crying and said she was so happy, not because I'm going to be on TV and all but because I helped her out.  I saved her life," Ginger says of her mom.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.