A Hand Up is Feeding Families in Need

A lot of times it is our facebook friends who alert us to different issues or organizations that are making an impact on the community. Following our story last week on a mission group and the need it fills in Clay County, Linda Ramirez invited us to come out to the Nocona foodbank.  

It is a very similar story in Nocona to what we have seen at other non-profits in our community and across the country. More people need help. With the excessive heat this summer a lot of people need a hand up so they can pay the bills.

Juana Deleon, a Nocona resident says, "They help you with groceries if you need it. If you need furniture they will help you. If you need clothing they will help you. If you need just somebody to talk to, they'll listen to you. If you need a prayer they'll pray to you."

A Hand Up has been a blessing for Juana Deleon who has only been in the area four months. It is the volunteers who have been guardian angels to people like her and Bobbie Buck. 

Bobbie Buck had this to say, "They really help out the community by giving out the food and caring and everything. It really helps me out because I get paid but don't have the money and this helps out a lot."

And it is A Hand Up that has been feeding families from the northern part of Montague County since 2008. A hand up works along side with Grace Place, a temporary shelter. Between the two non-profit facilities it is the devoted and proud volunteers that keep this place running strong. The volunteers admit humbly that they are just paying it forward.

Linda Ramirez, A Hand Up volunteer says, "Everyone of us here has been through trouble. We have all been through this and so we know how it feels. We know that they might be embarrassed to come and ask for help, but we've been there and we are here for them."

And President Jean Townley encourages residents to also lend out a helping hand because you never know who might be needing the help.

Jean Townley, President of A Hand Up comments, "Being able to volunteer means a lot to me. People need to consider their neighbors. It is so important that we not ignore those in need."

Staff tells Newschannel 6 the growing number of families in need has caused them to out grow their prior two facilities. A Hand Up is now serving the community out of a donated building, but the new building needs a lot of work. The back part of the facility currently needs a new roof.

A Hand Up only operates on your donations and they are always looking for volunteers.
Volunteers are needed every Wednesday and Thursday. Food hand out happens every Thursday from  9am to 3pm.

You can contact A Hand Up with any questions at  (940) 867 - 4419.


Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6